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MENU #1- Grecian: Roasted Chicken w/ Fresh Greek Herbs; Rice Pilaf; Greek Garder Salad; Garlic Bread.
$6.99 per person

MENU #2 - Italian: Roasted Chicken Vesuvio Style; Italian Meatballs; Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce; Garden Tossed Salad w/ 2 Dressing; Dinner Rolls & Butter; Mini Cannoli.
$7.99 per person

MENU #3 - October Fest: Oven Roasted Chicken German Style; Bratwurst Sausage; Red Pasley Potatoes; Green Beans Amandine; Creamy Cole Slaw; Buns & Mustard.
$7.99 per person

MENU #4 - Polish Buffet: Oven Roast Chicken; Polish Sausage; Homemade Sauerkraut; Red Pasley Potatoes; Homemade pierogi; Bread & Butter; Cookie Basket.
$8.99 per person

MENU #5 - Chicago Buffet: Italian Beef Au jus; Italian Sausage w/ Roasted Peppers; Roasted Potatoes; Penne Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce; Caesar Salad; French Bread & Butter.
$7.99 per person

MENU #6 - Country Fest: Baby Back Ribs; Oven Fried Chicken; American Potato Salad; Creamy Cole Slaw; Hot Baked Beans; Dinner Rolls & Butter; Chocolate Chip Cookies.
$8.99 per person

Packages include disposable plates, napkins and utensils.

Tax and delivery are additional.

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