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Lunch Menu

MENU #1 - Marsala Special: Chicken Breast Marsala; Roasted Potatoes; Tossed Salad w/ Dressing; Dinner Rolls & Butter. 
$6.99 per person

MENU #2 - Chicken &Beef: Roasted Chicken w/ Fresh Basil & Italian Herbs; Roast Beef w/ Gravy; Green Beans Almondine; Red Parslay Potatoes; Dinner Rolls & Butter.
$6.99 per person

MENU #3 - Kissane Special: Chicken Breast Piccata; Homemade Meatloaf w/ Country Gravy; Au-Gratin Potatoes; California Mixed Veggies; Garlic Bread; Assorted Cookies.
$7.99 per person

MENU #4 - Ham & Chicken: Honey Baked Ham; Oven Roasted Chicken; Au-Gratin Potatoes; Green Beans Almondine; Carrot Raisin Salad; Cucumbers Vinaigrette; Dinner Rolls & Butter.  
$7.99 per person

MENU #5 - Deluxe Buffet: Swedish Meatballs; Baby Back Ribs; Roasted Chicken w/ Fresh Basil & Italian Herbs; Classic Caesar Salad; Roasted Potatoes; Roasted Fresh Veggies; Dinner Rolls & Butter.
$9.99 per person

UMENU #6 - Stuffed Chicken: Chicken Breast Stuffed w/ Broccoli and Cheese; Rice Pilaf; Roasted Vegetables; Assorted Cookies; Dinner Rolls & Butter.
$8.99 per person

Min. Order: 20-guest. Add tax and delivery. Packages include: plates/flatwere/napkins

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